About Book Me In

Book Me In was born from a website that I built for my wife Faye's, Pole Fitness business, Poletrain.

She was looking for an online system to manage her clients memberships and payments. As I was a web developer and had produced her website, I thought I could write her a basic booking system that we could build upon as she required more and more functionality. It worked out really well and she saved so much time from having to manually keep track of things like who had paid, who was on what class, who wanted to cancel plus things she couldnt do like send reminders to attendees to actually turn up to classes.

When the time came for Faye to discontinue Poletrain, we both agreed that the booking side of the site could potetnially be used by other fitness professionals.

So after some long evenings and weekends, I managed to extract all the functionality from Faye's site and put together Book Me In.

So if you are reading this and are interested in finding out what Book Me In can do, then please click the "Find Out More" button or you can arrange a free 30 day trial by using the "Contact Us" button, both of which are below.

One of the things in this industry is that things change, so we are open to any suggestions or enhancements and if we think others can make use of them then we will add them in as soon as we can. We are always open to feedback, good or bad.

Our latest addition is a live chat function through tawk.to, so there is no excuse not to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Owner and developer of Book Me In
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